Top 10 Best Baby Balance Bikes in 2021 Reviews

Kids enjoy riding bikes, but they always have a starting point. When your toddler is about 18 mount, it’s a great time to introduce balance bikes. These are the ideal option since they will let the baby focus more on balance than traditional 3 wheel bikes. This is because these bicycles have no pedals, which ensures the baby concentrate on balancing. As a result, the bikes enable the baby to archive cycling confidence quickly. 

Besides gaining confidence, these cycles are designed with training wheels. The wheels are also adapted to ensuring that babies get enhanced safety as they ride. With bikes designed to cater to babies of different ages, they come in various sizes. Also, it is ideal to choose a bike with adjustable seats. This lets the baby get the best support and comfort while riding. Also, having a reliable braking system is fantastic since the baby can control the rolling speed. For easy balancing, get your kid, these reviewed balance bikes in 2021.

10. Allobebe Baby Balance Bike

Allobebe Baby Balance Bike

The attractive ball looking design showcased in this balance bike design will impress you. This outstanding design is appealing to kids and will encourage them to practice more to gain balance skills. It is the perfect equipment to help your kid gain motor skills and body build exercises. It is incredibly lightweight, and height is adjustable from 10.2 to 11inches. Thus, this balance bike is suitable for kids between one year and three years old. It is a simple push bike that is ideal for indoor and outdoor riding but is not recommended for slope. Besides, the steering is limited to 50 degrees to eliminate slide falling.


  • Lightweight
  • Baby-safe contoured design
  • Cute ball appearances
  • Customizable height


  • Not durable

9. YGJT Baby Balance Bikes

YGJT Baby Balance Bikes

If you’re seriously looking for the best balance bike for your kids, the YGJT brand is a great option. The bike features a gorgeous design with eyes that can actually blink. The fully enclosed wheels ensure maximum baby safety in case the bike runs over the kids’ feet. The no-pedal design is purposeful to ensure limited speed for your baby’s safety. The frame entails carbon steel. Thus it’s very sturdy and durable. Wrapped with EVA material, the bike is very comfortable and won’t hurt your delicate toddlers in any way. Besides, the design of this balance bike complies with ASTM and CE standards.


  • Smooth-rolling
  • Unique supportive seat
  • Limited steer
  • Lightweight and extremely robust


  • Expensive

8. 67i Kids Tricycles

67i Kids Tricycles

This tricycle for kids is robust and very practical for your growing kid. It offers three modes for the kid to enjoy the ride. It converts from three wheel mode to two-wheel mode in a snap for maximum riding comfort. It has adjustable seat height and handlebars to ensure the kids get the best ride. The handlebars also feature a comfortable grip and can adjust up to five positions to fit your kids’ riding posture. With a carbon steel frame, the bike stays in perfect shape and durable for a long.


  • Certified quality
  • Proven sturdiness
  • Customizable modes
  • Stylish appearance


  • Small size

7. Scool Baby Balance Bike

Scool Baby Balance Bike

This could be the best option if you’re looking for the best toddler balance bike. The robust and pedal-free design makes it suitable. Also, the steering is limited to 135 degrees to prevent sliding and side falling. The carbon steel construction makes it strong and can accommodate up to 100 pounds. The seat features soft cushioning to enable the young rider to have fun for an extended period. The EVA material on the wheels and handlebars also allows smooth riding without your kid getting hurt.


  • Cute appearance
  • Functional design
  • Superior strength and stability
  • Ideal for different ages


  • EVA material isn’t durable

6. SKL Baby Balance Bike

SKL Baby Balance Bike

This bike boasts a superior design that helps the toddlers acquire balance and riding basics at an early age. The pedal-less design means that the kid will use their legs to propel the bike. Thus, it can help in strengthening the muscles so that they can walk at an early age too. The wheels are wide and cushioned so that the baby’s legs aren’t clamped. Also, the steering angle is limited to 135 degrees to prevent accidental side-falling. The supportive seat is also padded for maximum riding comfort. The handle grips feature nonslip covering that allows controlled steering.


  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sturdy plastics
  • Wide and padded wheels


  • The price is a bit high

5. Jollito Adjustable Baby Bike

Jollito Adjustable Baby Bike

This baby bike allows controlled riding and is relatively easy to ride even for beginners. The handlebar is adjustable between 90 and 45 degrees to suit the kids riding posture. Hence, every toddler can ride this regardless of age or body size. But this bike is suitable for kids who are one to three years. The other ideal feature is the adjustable cushioned seat. The steering angle is up to 135 degrees which prevents side falling. The bike’s frame is forged from carbon steel which makes it sturdy and exceptionally lightweight.


  • Elegant color combination
  • Customizable seating position
  • Simple installation
  • Durable EVA padding


  • A small size that only fits toddlers

4. Peradix Baby Balance Bikes

Peradix Baby Balance Bikes

The ergonomic construction, combined with exquisite colors make this balance bike suitable for young kids. It boasts a safer design that has no pedals, and kids will have to scoot along. For added safety, the design also entails a 135-degree steering limit so that the kid doesn’t fall sideways. You’ll also like the tool-free assembly, which means you won’t waste your time preparing for the ride. The adjustable handlebar and seat ensure flawless customization to suit different riding preferences.


  • High-level safety
  • Cushioned handles
  • Strong frame
  • Gorgeous colors


  • Costs more bucks than the contemporary models

3. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

This balance bike boasts advanced functionality with extra level comfort. The modular design allows easy installation in just three easy steps. It is a sturdy bike entailing a carbon steel frame and wide enclosed wheels. The seat features unique cushioning, and the steering is limited to 135 degrees to eliminate side falling. The bike load capacity is 100 pounds.


  • High strength carbon steel
  • Padded wheels for safety
  • Soft handlebars
  • Smooth steer


  • One of the pricey options

2. Bodaon Balance Bike

Bodaon Balance Bike

Your lovely toddler can now learn how to learn thanks to the ergonomic design of the Bodaon Balance Bike. The unique modular design of this kid’s bike allows a two-step installation. The wheels are covered with thick padding for smooth rolling and baby’s safety. It is forged using high-quality carbon steel which makes it lightweight yet very robust. This bike allows the kid’s leg muscles to develop well and gain coordination and balance skills.


  • Elegant construction
  • Superb colors
  • Strong and comfortable bike
  • Cleans easily


  • Looks great for baby boys and not for girls

1. AyeKu Baby Balance Bike

AyeKu Baby Balance Bike

This balance bike is one of the few options on the market that offer maximum child safety. It features a ball style, which means there is no sharp edge that could harm your beautiful baby. Equipped with an adjustable cushioned seat, this bike suits all kids riding posture and offers the highest comfort level. Thus, the kid can feel motivated to spend more time training. The wheels feature high-density EVA covering which allows smooth rolling without hurting your baby’s feet or delicate floors.


  • Customizable comfort
  • Wonderfully colored
  • No sharp edges
  • Solid construction


  • No flaws identified